Instagram’s Algorithm Won’t Actually Ruin Your Business

A photo by Toronto Eaters.

If you haven’t noticed already, you might want to start paying attention. In early June 2016, Instagram rolled out a new update in which the “most popular” posts (which is judged by their mysterious algorithm) started showing up at the top of your feed similarly to Facebook. While brands and audiences alike both freaked out over this, I can assure you that there’s a way around it.

Let’s be real. For a regular user, it sucks. I personally loved scrolling through my feed and seeing what my friends and close acquaintances have been up to throughout the day. The first time I saw posts from 9 hours ago as soon as I opened up the app at the end of my work day originally threw me off—I originally thought the app had a bug and wouldn’t refresh! It was when I went onto Twitter that I saw the outrage from everyone else and knew I wasn’t alone.

Brands and business were arguably more upset than regular users. This new Instagram algorithm meant that their business posts may been seen by even less of their followers. And to be quite honest, they were right.

However, there is a bright side for you brands out there! It turns out that part of the mysterious Instagram algorithm takes the users that you have most recently interacted with and puts those users’ posts at the top of your feed. It has also been said that business ads are also given a higher priority compared to organic content.

Behold—Business Profiles!

Now, you can even transform your Instagram account into a “Business Profile” (found under “Settings”). This is actually really awesome because you can link your Instagram account directly to your business page on Facebook. If you already have an ad account on Facebook, you can also immediately start “Promoting” posts directly on Instagram. Think of this as “Boosting” a post of Facebook. And with the new “Business Profile”, you’re also (finally!) getting built-in Instagram Analytics. Now, these aren’t very detailed, but it will give you a breakdown of Impressions, Reach, and Engagement for each post, and that’s better than nothing or paying for another service to provide you with these!

So while you may think that your online presence is completely ruined and no one will ever see your perfectly-filtered pictures again, you’re not entirely right; you may have to work a little harder than you were before, but once you get your followers to start interacting more with your posts, it’ll end up being much simpler than you think.


Need some help doing so? Let me know in the comments. I’ll come up with a personalized plan so that we can work together!