The Struggles of a Perfectionist


This being my second to last semester of college, my average days are stressful enough as is. By being thrown into a new technical world of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they’re just becoming more and more hectic. Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn, and since it’s incredibly important for the people of my generation to be competent on all things of the Internet, it’s putting even more pressure on me to learn as many technical skills as I can. I know how to read and I know how to write, both quite well, but reading and writing code is something that’s extremely different for me.

I’m used to new things coming very easily or quickly to me without much effort put in to understanding them. However, while learning JavaScript, this wasn’t the case. While watching the instructional videos on JavaScript through Team Treehouse, I thought I had a handle of what was happening. My confidence was shattered once I was put to the test during the quizzes afterwards when I was completely on my own writing these codes. Nothing so far has ever been so frustrating to me, so it took me a lot longer to work through the JavaScript sections and (kind of) understand it. Through this, I’ve learned that I can’t expect things to be so perfect so quickly; I need to slow down, and even fall behind if I have to, so that I can take the time to practice coding after each section. If, in the future, I end up pursuing a career in which I will be coding pages similar to what I’m practicing now on Team Treehouse, I think I’ll have to spend much more time practicing. Even though I follow each video step by step, sometimes it’s too much for me. For example, the AJAX Basics track was extremely difficult for me because the instructor moved so quickly and was able to type long lines of code in just seconds! I think that in the future, I’ll actually take some time out of my own day to keep practicing coding, whether through Treehouse or other websites that would allow me the ability to play around; the easiest way for me to learn is by doing, so just simply watching videos doesn’t do much for me. After all, coding well and correctly will only benefit me in the end.

I realized this when I actually started building and coding my own website. I realized that I had to go back to Team Treehouse to review some aspects of general HTML and CSS because I was just breezing right through them the first time. When it actually came time to use them, I vaguely remembered the basics because I’m so far along and currently learning JavaScript and jQuery, which are much more advanced. I’ve been playing around a lot with my overall website and went through customizing about 7 different themes until I found one that I really liked. As of right now, I’m sticking with the theme Matheson because it has the general structure of a clean-cut website that I want. I added four pages in addition to the index page because I’d rather have my home page, blog, contact page, about page, and portfolio all separated. I’ve spent most of my time adding pages and content to the pages instead of customizing them so I could see afterwards what aspects I would like to customize and how (and that’s why there’s still the template text on the homepage). As far as I can tell, I would like to customize more of the CSS/JavaScript so that when hovering over links, they won’t turn blue, but instead maybe a darker shade of brown to match the picture I added on the home page. I also haven’t decided yet if I want to add any widgets at all. I’m only going to be able to tell what I want on my website and how I want it by playing around and figuring out how things work and fit together. In the end, hopefully my overall website will continue to look very clean-cut and professional with different pages for all my content.