My name’s Melissa Mott and I’m a grad from the newly acclaimed Stockton University with a major in Literature and minor in Writing. From a very young age, writing has always been passion of mine and something I have continued to excel in ever since. You can usually find me in the library stacks with my face and mind tucked deeply away in any book with a cup of Earl Grey in hand. I love reading, and I love learning.

In the fall of 2014, I enrolled in the Digital Humanities Internship where I learned different coding techniques, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also taught myself how to build my own website to hold my digital portfolio (ta da!). After graduating in the spring of 2015, I was quickly offered and accepted a full-time position as a Digital Marketing Coordinator where my love for writing and marketing only deepened. After only a few short months, I was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager which only assured me that I was beginning my career down the right path. Just shy of one year later, I transitioned over to an advertising agency where I accepted the title of Director of Social Media. Now, I develop and execute multiple clients’ social media campaigns and manage their pages from ones as major as Facebook to ones as minor as Pinterest. And I’m ready to take on even more!

Interested in learning everything else about me? Check out my resume!